The knowledge center is created to educate and have us be knowledgable about poultry/gamefowl nutrition. Our Apprehension to common beliefs and ideas may miss lead us to a conclusion as our apprehensions leads to what we comprehend, thus arriving to wrong conclusions or judgement.

The knowledge center directs us to a given scientific basis that leads to a non arguable conclusion based on scientific facts which is then set as standards and is the created as the foundation of the knowledge center to address inquires. This includes beliefs and myths that we will address to satisfy our desire to meet the highest level of standards in the gamefowl sports and performance nutrition.



noun/phys•i•ol•o•gy/ | i-zē-ä-le-jē
* a branch of biology that deals with the functions and activities of life or of living matter (as organs, tissues, or cells) and of the physical and chemical phenomena involved - anatomy
1. Digestive system
2. Digestibility ileal, pepsin etc digestibility
3. Ideal digestion time
4. Poultry absorption of vitamins
5. Molting
6. Breeding
7. When pullets start to lay eggs
8. Chickens' natural food
9. Nutritional requirement for different life stages. Chicks to cocks
10. Nutritional requirement for breeders and breeding
11. Skin and feathers
12. Importance of Pellet feeds in combination with grains
13. Balanced grains formulation
14. Change feeding effects and solutions
16. Carbohydrates and its benefits
17. Molting and supplements during molting
18. Energy for power
19. Ideal amount of feeds per day
20. Stress and stress management.

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