BLACKROOSTER INC. brings you the best Performance Enhancing Pellets, ACCELR8. ACCELR8 is specially formulated with 8 Functional Ingedients for conditioning which also contains essential nutriebts needed during training. ACCELR8 alsi maintains right Dietary Electrolyte Balance (DEB) that helps the Blood Chemistry and Muscle Action needed in their best fighting performance. ACCELR8 is designed to contain fiber to help improve digestion and absorption for Controlled Energy Release while controlling wet droppings, hyperventilation, panting, and increased body temperature. ACCELR8 is also formulated with Superior levels of Vitamins and minerals to ensure better utilization of energy from feedsto store in the muscle. Not only that , this special product contains essential nutrients to ensure skin integrity to improve better protective oily barrier of the feathers.


  • Controlled energy release
  • Intense workout / training
  • Fast recovery
  • Helps improve blood chemistry
  • Helps improve Muscle action
  • Improve Digestion and Absorption and Controlled Energy Release


  1. Packed sealed and fresh
  2. No artificial color
  3. No need to add additional pellets
  4. Low inclusion

How To Use

DAY 1 TO 12 of the 21 DAY CONDITIONING PROGRAM 10 grams per feeding twice (2) a day
*Day 1 to 12 of the 21-day conditioning
  • DAY 1 TO 12 of the 21 DAY CONDITIONING PROGRAM 10 grams per feeding twice (2) a day
  • DAY 13 TO 17

    10 grams per feeding once (1) a day
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