BLACK ROOSTER INC. Introduces you a highly Effective Medicated Shampoo for the Control of Crawling and Flying ectoparasites in Gamefowl, DELTA TPS. BRI's Remarkable Medicated Shampoo is specially formulated with FIPRONIL in combination with SPINOSYNS as actives to bring The Best Results in Eliminating and Controlling ectoparasites yet very Safe for Users and Animals. DELTA TPS's Impressive Systemic Action Lessens repeated treatment and control of ectoparasites. This unique product not only has Systemic Action, DELTA TPS Does Not chemically deteriorate and Lose its efficacy and potency under Direct Sunlight (no PHOTODEGRADATION) making it Very Effective, Long Lasting and Economical program product. Best of all, this Superb Product has No foul smell and has a Long Lasting Fruity Smell too! Use BLACK ROOSTER INC.'s DELTA TPS, ONCE YOU GO BLACK, YOU NEVER GO BACK!


  • No Photodegradation
  • Lathers up quickly, no need to add additional shampoo
  • Mild scent, no strong or foul smell
  • Most effective against red mites
  • Systemic action
  • Can be used as spray
  • For both crawling and flying ectoparasites
  • Long lasting
  • Safe for humans, animals
  • Can be used even in the presence of feeds

Active Ingredients


How to Use

Mix 5ml of DeltaTPS to 4 liters of water. Use as dipping solution. Let the solution dry, do not rinse..


  1. NO PHOTO DEGREDATION – most products deteriorate under direct sunlight (UV light) DELTA TPS does not degrade under direct sunlight. Sun drying is a practice to which chemicals form most competing products deteriorate under UV Light
  2. SYSTEMIC - DELTA TPS is the only product that has systemic action to which it creates an active solution to the control of red mites since mites are nocturnal. Both actives stay in the body and protects the animal from further damage due to red mite infestation.
  3. NO FOUL SMELL – foul smell is equal to stress... (see points to ponder)
  4. ENVIRONMEMTAL SPRAY – best way to control red mites
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